About Us

CalGalsMedia explores the dynamic and diverse voices and visions of women in California and throughout the world. Each story, work of art, article, and video highlights the brightness, beauty, strength of women and girls and their capacity to know what is best for themselves, their families, and communities. Though our focus is on women and girls, we also celebrate and share the stories of men, boys, and non-binary people who elevate the wellbeing of all people.

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Meet Our Team

We are a culturally and politically diverse team of CalGals committed to elevating the voices and visions of those around us.

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Lucy Morse Roberts

Executive Producer/Co-Host

Lucy Morse Roberts is an educator by training and specializes in creating transformative programs for diverse, multicultural communities. She is currently the Executive Director of Hui International, CalGalsMedia, and the Executive Producer/Co-Host of the Unlimited Possibilities podcast. Lucy’s goal is to work with a dynamic multicultural team to raise the status and improve the wellbeing of women and girls in California and worldwide. She hopes Unlimited Possibilities and additional CalGalsMedia programming will offer others hope, joy, strength, resources, and serve as a catalyst for positive personal and community change.

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Jenn Rexroad

CalGalsMedia/Unlimited Possibilities Producer

Jenn Rexroad is a founder and the current Executive Director of California Alliance of Caregivers, a statewide support and advocacy organization for foster and kinship caregivers. Her training and background is in secondary education. After working in schools for over a decade, she transitioned to full-time advocacy for vulnerable children and youth. Jenn is a Yolo County First 5 Commissioner and was a foster parent for 8 years. Jenn’s work focuses on improving support and services for foster youth. She is passionate about including stakeholder feedback into system change for vulnerable populations. Jenn resides in Yolo County with her husband and two teenagers.

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Muzhgan Fakhri

Host of Unlimited Possibilities Podcast (Dari)

Muzhgan Fakhri is the mother of 4 beautiful kids, two boys and two wonderful - girls which are 11 years and younger. Additionally, she is an accomplished women’s rights activist with a law degree from Kabul University, the premier state institution in Afghanistan. Before coming to the United States, she served as a women’s rights attorney and assisted the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) and Attorney General’s Office staff with victim service providers and investigators. She is fluent in Persian/Farsi/Dari & understands Pashto. Her focus as an Unlimited Possibilities Host is to shine a light on the brightness, beauty, strength and capacities of not just Afghan women and girls but all. As the podcast host, Muzhgan aims to inspire, educate, and empower, women and girls here in California and around the world.

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Arezoo Pamiry

Unlimited Possibilities Podcast Producer (Dari)

Arezoo Pamiry is a brilliant young woman, mother of two with one on the way, She focuses her time and energy on improving the lives of other immigrant women and their families. Arezoo has experience with broadcasting in Afghanistan and is now sharing her talent, curiosity, and heart for helping others with Unlimited Possibilities. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with Hui International and CalGalsMedia on this project and shares the hope that each episode will positively transform the lives of those who listen. In addition to all her other work and responsibilities, Arezoo became a US citizen while producing this podcast series. Congratulations, Arezoo!

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Rachel Hilbert

Co-Host of Unlimited Possibilities Podcast

Rachel has an M.E. from Prescott College with a focus on education in a context of Liberal Arts, the Environment, & Social Justice and a Master’s Degree in Education from Antioch University. She believes in the power of life-long education and is convinced that the most powerful lessons we can learn consist in techniques that make us happier through more fulfilling, authentic, and awakened relationships. Healthy connections with the self and others are values on which Rachel has based her work and life.  Rachel was an elementary school teacher for 10 years and is the founder of Rooted2Rise, a Relationship Coaching organization. She has traveled and lived in over a dozen countries worldwide. Rachel is originally from Los Angeles and now lives in Davis, California with her husband and two daughters.  She has a joy for life, learning, and believes strongly that there are unlimited possibilities for all if we share our stories and support one another. She sees each UP podcast as a ray of light that illuminates and encourages the good in the world.

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Rowan Sutton

Social Media Intern

A student at Davis Senior High, Rowan is the intern for the social media face of CalGalsMedia. Currently armed with a love for the arts of all kinds, she is focused on reaching this nonprofit’s audience in engaging and creative ways. As she navigates the modern generation, she hopes to invite as many peers as she can into this field of public outreach. When she doesn’t have a barbell in hand, you can usually find her writing, reading and consuming copious amounts of literature and coffee. In the past couple years, Rowan has spent her time volunteering with the Davis Arts Center, The Yolo County Health Department, and CommunityCatAdvocates. If you were to visit the Harper Junior High gym room, you would also encounter one of her murals. Most likely to be found with traces of paint on her face.